Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Europe Trip 2015 (pt. 9 New York City)

06/19/2015 - 06-/21/2015

New York technically isn't part of Europe, but this stop was the cherry on top of our Europe vacation. We had been gone an entire month after this. New York City was awesome. I haven't been since I was 13. I didn't remember much, and I didn't have that much familiarity. I remembered the Statue of Liberty, China Town, and Battery Park. We arrived late at night, and we were exhausted. We were unsure about how to get to Manhattan from the airport. We had too much luggage and people to comfortably fit into a yellow taxi cab. The airport had a big sign warning us not to get in the car of unmarked vehicles. An Iranian man offered us a ride in his Suburban for a reasonable price. We followed him into the parking lot into his car. I thought we were going to be kidnapped and ransomed. Luckily, he was very nice and his services were legit. 

Our time was limited, so we hit the sights of the Big Apple fast and hard. We started the day by seeing the Statue of Liberty. If you want to go all the way to the top, make sure you book early. They were already sold out 3 months in advance. We then went to China Town afterward. We had some delicious food and bought some cheap merchandise. That night, we visited Wall Street.
We took the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. Here's the Manhattan line.
The Statue of Liberty
Awesome Chinese food in China Town
Summer and Linsey bought matching jackets in China Town. It was fun haggling for them.

Summer loves Christmas like Buddy the Elf. She loved the Christmas store.
We were back in Italy!
It's easy to get lost in the big city.
The bull on Wall Street
Wall Street stock exchange
The next day, our main goal was to visit Times Square, see a play on Broadway, and visit Central Park. My family went to see Les Miserables, and having seen it many times, I decided to watch Wicked with Summer. It was incredible! I've become a fan.
The lake in Central Park

New York subway. I almost expected to see Spiderman.
A New York Hot Dog in Central Park.

Brooklyn style pizza.
Our broadway show, Wicked

Front row seats at Wicked! It was awesome. We didn't get spit on.

Times square

My family at Time Square

It's beautiful at night

This trip was amazing. It was the adventure of a lifetime. It was perfect. We arrived home, super tired. I was ready to be home. It was hard to get back to real life. I'll always be grateful for the opportunity to share such an amazing experience with my wife and my family. Who knows when a chance like this will present itself in the future?

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