Monday, November 2, 2015

Trunk or Treat 2015

Trunk or treat has gained popularity over the past few years. It's where a lot of people park their cars in a big parking lot, pop their trunks, maybe decorate it a bit, and pass out candy! Kids are welcome to dress up and collect candy. They're good as a trick or treater because you get more bang for buck; More candy with less distance traveled. They're safer because there's lot of people and it's usually in the parking lot of a safe place; for us a LDS meetinghouse.

I thought that we had a fun setup, and we had a good time.

Halloween Decor 2015

We have a creepy stairwell where we live. We decided to make it even scarier by dressing it up for the Halloween season!

Step 1: Carve Pumpkins

We bought our pumpkins early in October, and we were able to get some with a good shape. We carved a traditional one, an owl, and a fabulous purple and gold glitter one! The glitter one was a lot harder to make than it looks!

Step 2: Create a body bag 

We created a simple scarecrow using a hoodie, shoes, some sweat pants, and a soccer ball for a head. We then covered him garbage bags, and then we tied his feet and hung him upside down.

Step 3: Create the HELP ME sign

My wife used a simple canvas, red acrylic paint, and her hands.

Step 4: Door cover 
What the contents of a zombie fridge look like.

Step 5: Bottom of the stairs
We have a scary door at the bottom of the stairs... We only saw it fit to make it a scary asylum. We also created a a table by stacking 2 boxes on top of each other, and draping a blanket over it. We placed a cauldron with candy on it. We have spider webs draped everywhere! We also had a strobe light in the cauldron.

Step 6: Spooky candles!

Here's what the final product looked like! It was fun.

Happy Halloween!
We were Beauty and the Beast

Life is busy, stop to smell the roses! (Murray Park)

One of my favorite parks in the Salt Lake Valley is Murray Park. It's big, it has lots of trees, has ponds and a small creek that runs throughout. It's very picturesque in the fall. I've been here many times before, but I've never noticed that they had a rose garden! They had many different types of roses. Some were meant to be fragrant, while others were more for show.

Here's Chief Wasatch. You've noticed him if you've ever driven down State Street. I discovered some interesting facts about him. He's a tribute to all of the Indian Tribes of Utah, Ute, Shoshone, Navajo, Goshute, and Piaute. He's made out of a tree, and he was built in Nov. 1985, 30 years ago this month!

A really big gun!

My wife and I next to a pretty pond!