Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Decor 2015

We have a creepy stairwell where we live. We decided to make it even scarier by dressing it up for the Halloween season!

Step 1: Carve Pumpkins

We bought our pumpkins early in October, and we were able to get some with a good shape. We carved a traditional one, an owl, and a fabulous purple and gold glitter one! The glitter one was a lot harder to make than it looks!

Step 2: Create a body bag 

We created a simple scarecrow using a hoodie, shoes, some sweat pants, and a soccer ball for a head. We then covered him garbage bags, and then we tied his feet and hung him upside down.

Step 3: Create the HELP ME sign

My wife used a simple canvas, red acrylic paint, and her hands.

Step 4: Door cover 
What the contents of a zombie fridge look like.

Step 5: Bottom of the stairs
We have a scary door at the bottom of the stairs... We only saw it fit to make it a scary asylum. We also created a a table by stacking 2 boxes on top of each other, and draping a blanket over it. We placed a cauldron with candy on it. We have spider webs draped everywhere! We also had a strobe light in the cauldron.

Step 6: Spooky candles!

Here's what the final product looked like! It was fun.

Happy Halloween!
We were Beauty and the Beast

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