Monday, September 14, 2015

Utah State Fair 2015

The Utah State Fair is an annual event that has been going since 1856. Just like most state and county fairs, they have circus acts, rides, rodeos, performances, lots of good food, lots of cool local shops selling T-Shirts, jewelry, sunglasses, medieval swords and more. More info available here.

 This year, it goes from Sept 10 - Sept 20. My band Eighth Day, had the opportunity of playing opening day. That was truly a fun experience. We got to play in front of people that we've never seen before. I'm really proud of all the talent that my band has. We turned many heads, especially when we played popular favorites, such as "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey and "Sweet Child O Mine".  While many advocate to "play for exposure" very sparingly, this was an okay time to do so. We were a little bummed that we had to pay for parking, and that we had to pay admittance costs for our loved ones. Lucky we saved 40% on the $10 fee, since it was opening day.

While my wife and I didn't get to participate in many of the glittering attractions that surrounded us, we still had a great experience, and we may go back!
Waiting for my band to go on.

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