Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tahiti 2014 (1. Preface)

Even though our Paris vacation was just this past summer, it was daunting to write about it, due to its length, volume of experiences from different people, and the desire to do such an amazing trip justice! I feel like leaving out details, or  over-summarizing are bad. Italy was easier to write about also, because I planned everything. I did the research. Paris was nice because my parents did all that heavy lifting, and my only concern was trying to be hungry for the next time we eat, and enjoying the ride. It truly was a blessing and the trip of a lifetime.

 For those who don't know, I'm half-Tahitian. My mom is from Tahiti. The majority of our relatives still live there. I felt truly  grateful for the many relatives and my parents who made the trip possible.  Tahiti is even more daunting to write about because it was over a year ago. My main contribution is that I showed up. So I'll write about our experiences from my point of view, and do my best to do the trip justice. The main highlights of this trip was spending time with my family, proposing to my wife, eating the food, and of course the exotic, Pacific Polynesian, natural beauty. 

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