Monday, September 14, 2015

Lagoon 2015

This is Utah's oldest and best theme park! It's been continuously improving yearly, and this year didn't disappoint! While the prices have jumped up quite a bit since I was a kid, my dad has an annual work party at Lagoon, and its awesome! Lagoon caters tasty chicken and hamburgers, and his company provides fun games and prizes. There's a couple of alternative ways to get tickets cheaper than the full $49.95 price.  University of Utah students get in for $39. Costco members can also find entrance for about $40. Lagoon's official page has more deals. I was hoping to get a Bounce-Back pass, which means that you only pay $10, and are able to enter the park the following week. Next week, Frightmares begins! Unfortunately, Bounce Back only applies to non-Frightmare season.

 The highlight of this year was definitely the Cannibal. Its a 200+ foot roller. Summer went like 5 times!
Neil was delighted to be playing the company carnival games

Everybody was getting some ink at the tattoo station!

Summer and Linsey taking a selfie on a roller coaster

A guy kept insisting on kicking me on this ride. It was irritating.

One of my childhood favorites! Had I quarter, I would have soaked these unsuspecting victims... haha

Colossus, the Fire Dragon!

The Spider!

Neil unfortunately got his leg stuck in the railing of the carousel while waiting in line! We thought that we'd need to get the fire department. Luckily a nurse was able to have him stand up as straight as possible, and pop his knee out! He needed a little bit of ice to stop the swelling. It was much better than an amputation!

Ice cream at Pioneer Village!

The end of a magical fun filled day!

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