Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Top 8 Haunted Houses of Utah to Visit in 2015!

Haunted Crazy Corn Maze 2014
It's crazy to think that it's Halloween already!!! I freakin' love fall, and I LOVE Halloween. I have fond memories of awesome costumes, great candy, and going to haunted houses. I'm going to list some of the haunted houses I'm thinking about going to this season! My current state of student impoverishment may keep me from doing all of them, but I'll be crazy enough to do some of them! I'm always looking for new thrills and more exciting things! If I'm missing any, let me know!

1. Castle of Chaos
   Address: 7980 S State Street, Salt Lake City,UT, 84047
   Cost: $20
   Opens: Oct. 1

I've been to this haunted house in the past, but its been a while. It's like a real-life video game! You solve puzzles, collect items, and interact with the cast! It has great recent reviews, and I'm excited. There's 4 levels of fear, each level equating to the same haunted house, but regulating the level of intensity that the cast interacts with you. The "monsters" will completely avoid you, or grab you "appropiately" and take you away, depending on which ticket you purchase. (Monsters-B-Gone, General admission, Hands On Horror, X-Scream Hands On)

2. Nightmare on 13th

Address300 W 1300 S, SLC, UT
Cost: $25
Opens: Sept. 11 - Oct. 31

This is one of my favorite haunted houses in Utah. They always change up the decor, and they never fail to fright! This is conveniently located next to a Trax station. I'm excited to take my wife!

3. Fear Factory

Address666 W 800 S, SLC, UT
Cost: $22
Opens: Sept. 11 - Nov. ?

I love Fear Factory! Once a real factory, it has been transformed into a multi-level factory of frights! There's something spooky to walk up multiple flights of stairs and looking down. There's an authentic industrial spooky feel to it. They claim that it is haunted. My band has performed here in 2015, it was a great experience! We were given 2 free passes for each of the band members. This is one that I definitely plan on visiting with my wife. They have deals for September. They to use the promo code: SEPTEMBER

4. Crazy Corn Maze

Address8800 S 4000 W, West Jordan, UT
Cost: $7.50 - $15.50
Opens: Sept. 24 - Nov. 1

This was a classic for me growing up. It was very close to my house, and it was very affordable. We went here for a lot of church activities. There are two parts, the corn maze, which is very self-explanatory. You walk through a maze through the corn. It's fairly fun, not very scary, and great for kids. In the past few years, they've started the Haunted Corn Maze. It started as a couple of teenagers with masks banging trash cans. Now it's very impressive with 3-D mazes and chainsaw guys! 

5. Haunted Forest

Address: 6000 W 6400 N, American Fork, UT
Cost: $22 + tax
Opens: ?

I've been to this one, and I love it. Running through an open eerie forest haunted with creepy creatures is a good time! The brisk air adds to the overall feel. It's a bit of a drive if you're coming from Salt Lake area. 

6. Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus

Address98 E 13800 S Draper, UT
Cost: $25 + 2.75 fee
Opens: Sept. weekends, Oct

This one looks great, and I've heard that its a lot of fun. 

7. Asylum 49

Address140 E 200 S Tooele, UT
Cost: $20, cash
Opens: Sept. 25, 26, 29, Oct 1 - 31, Nov. 6, 7

This used to be an abandoned hospital, where a doctor went mad and hung a nurse from the flag pole. This place is supposed to be legit scary and very intense. They can touch you, take you, and store you until closing time. I want to go, but it may not be date/wife appropriate. Idk if I'll be able to convince my wife to go...

    8. Frightmares

    Address375 Lagoon Dr, Farmington, UT 84025
    Cost: $49.95
    Opens: Sept. 18- Oct 30

    Boasting 7 haunted attractions on top of their normal rides, this is sure to be a memorable visit! I've been in past years, and I love it! My dad's work party is always one week shy of making it to Frightmares... I may just buy a Bounceback pass.

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