Saturday, December 31, 2016

Cancun pt 1

We left Pasco early Wednesday morning, to Salt Lake. We spend a few hours in the valley, packing and doing some errands before leaving to the airport again. Thanks to my sister for picking and dropping us off! We took Jet Blue, and it was pretty roomy. We had a 6-hour layover in Boston, which Summer took advantage of by sleeping, while I played Starcraft.

When we arrived, we were grateful that we traveled light. We brought two personal item back packs, one carry on, one checked in bag. We were instantly alleviated from the dry cold drudgery of home, and welcomed into tropical humid 80 degree paradise. We booked on AirBnb, and our host arranged a ride for us from the airport for cheap. The driver had a sign with my name on it, just like in the movies.

We stayed at the SolyMar hotel, in the Hotel Zone of Cancun. We
met our host in his office. He has many rental properties, and his wife helps him. They were extremely nice. We talked about some of the attractions, and restaurants in the area. It was brought up that I spoke Spanish, and he asked if I was LDS an
d served a mission. Turns out that he has LDS family in Tulum, and they've served missions. Also turns out that the wife lived in Malaga for while during the days of Franco.

The first day we were dead tired. We checked out the beach a bit, and then took a bus to the store to buy some groceries, and then we went to sleep.

We got a late start on the second day, and we swam in the Carribean Sea, hung out on the beach by our hotel, and went swimming in the hotel pool. The Carribean Sea was very rough and wavy, just like Tahiti. We went back to the store to get more groceries, and we walked around the mall a bit more. We got a few souvenirs.

The third day, we walked 1km to the Rey Ruinas, an archaeological site. It was pretty cool. Perhaps the best part was the numerous iguanas. We proceeded to swim across the street in the Playa Delfines. It was almost identical to our hotel beach, but less people.

It was New Years Eve! We ate at our hotel's buffet. It was very fancy and exciting. The fruit and produce was so fresh and ripe. The meat was really delicious.
We went out onto the beach, while listening to the hotel's party band play. We did a countdown and toasted two bottles of Apple Cider after the countdown. We were awarded with firework shows from each of the hotels along the strip. It was truly exhilarating. There was a lot of tension among the people at the beach and the hotel party, everyone wanted to dance and let loose, but in the end, we all just stood around awkwardly, taking selfies and videos.

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