Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Years Resolutions 2017

New Years Eve here in Cancun! Love the palm trees swaying cool Caribbean breeze, and the excited glow along the beaches, ready to welcome in the new year!

2016 has been a good year, with lots of cool things (albeit unexpected) to happen! Had both cars break down, bought two new cars, graduated school, got my first Junior Developer position, got my first Mid-Level Developer position, had brain surgery, started getting better gigs in my band, got a puppy, visited Mexico for the first time and got a new stamp in my passport, got a professional guitar rig (my Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop, and Orange Rockerverb 50 combo, and a bunch of pedals), and got my wedding photos! (Edit: I was on the news for my political opinion)

Now is the time to create New Years Resolutions. I not only wa
nt to set goals for the next year, but for the next 5 years, to help me reach my 25 year goals. Last time I created a 3 to 5 year plan was when I returned home from my mission in 2012. I've accomplished most of those things. Finishing school was probably one of the last items on my list. I share this not to show how ambitious or awesome I am, but more to write it down and motivate myself. Some of these are vague, and I might spend more time later to flush them out a bit more.

5 Year Goals

  • Have a successful app published on the Google Play Store. 
  • Have a mid-level home. 
  • Have a child or two
  • Be a senior software developer, and make over $100k a year
  • Launch 5 businesses
  • Become a master of code
  • Get better at writing songs and producing music
  • Have a following on YouTube. Like 10k subscribers.
  • Have 100 guitar covers on YouTube.
  • Be very healthy.
  • Be out of debt 100%.
  • Travel to 2 new countries. (Brazil and England are high on the list)

Goals for 2017

  • Pay off as much debt as possible using the snowball effect
  • Manage finance using a budget
  • Lose 70lbs
  • Eat healthy
  • Make at least 12 guitar cover videos
  • Launch my business, SkyMastery, LLC. (Launch date Jan/09/2016)
  • Create and add two apps on the app store.
  • Create/find a CMS to make more complex websites to sell
  • Save $10,000
  • Go to the temple monthly
  • Play 12 shows with band
  • Finish producing CD by the end of Januaray.
  • Write in blog consistently.
  • Maybe visit Washington DC
  • Hike 10 different trails
  • Bike 4 different trails
  • Read 12 books
  • Learn new programming technologies. Thinking about Node.js, AngularJS, and MongoDB

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