Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lagoon Frightmares 2015

Lagoon is one of my favorite theme parks ever. This is my fourth time going with Summer in less than two years. Our first time together at Frightmares. It was awesome. This year they went over the top, by dressing the park with lot of Halloween decor. Pumpkins, lights, shows, fog machines, bales of hay, and 7 seasonal haunted attractions. In my whole life, I've NEVER seen Lagoon 1/3 this busy. The parking lot was completely full, and the parking overlow was completely filled as well. Normally a ride such as the Terror Ride, would be a 3-minute line. We waited almost an hour to enter. The lines for everything were unbearable. We only went on a few rides. The single-rider lines helped and also the Time Warp fast pass. The Time Warp fast pass was an additional $15, which seemed outrageous since tickets were already very expensive. But, the lines were soooo ridiculously long, and time was limited. It was a trade off between waiting in a 2-hour line (yes they were going that slow), or paying more, and getting almost immediate access to the 4 haunted houses. Some people looked indignant as we strolled to the front and got immediate access. But, it was worth it. It was a great experience and we loved all four of the haunted houses, and the Haunted Pioneer Village.

I was fried on the electric chair and Summer became a Carnival attraction

Our Time Warp passes, which allowed us 5 entries into the 4 haunted houses. On the right is one of them.

Some spooky stuff was going down in Pioneer Village! Ghosts, killer dogs, and skeletons!

The dead were rising from their graves! Here is the line for the Terror Ride!

The parking had a great view of the Cannibal. Summer was arrested, we got to see snakes!

Creepy mother, cannibal cauldron, Summer and the werewolf lie in wait of prey.

Parking was unbearable, we were out in the boonies.

Summer loves giant spiders!
Creepy teacher in Pioneer village

 Some creepy photos of pioneer village.

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